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Default Re: Adding water to permaset supercover

All of the advice given is good. We recommend an additional strategy that has proven very effective. Prior to inking your screen, spray a mixture of 50/50 retarder to water into the screen liberally. Use a rag or cloth to wipe it around evenly making sure to cover all exposed emulsion leaving a thin layer. Use the retarder that was picked up by the rag to wipe the back side of the stencil. Let that set a couple minutes, then ink your screen and start printing. This thin layer of retarder on the screen helps keep the emulsion and the channel lubricated and helps prevent the emulsion from drawing any moisture out of the ink. You will need to print a couple test prints to clear the retarder from the channel but you will get long lasting results. The other recommendation we have is make sure you are putting "a lot" of ink into the screen. We typically put a quart into a manual screen. With a larger pool of ink, it is easier to manage the hydration. Since all Permaset inks can go back into the container there is no waste. All to often we see people treat water base like plastisol and only put in what they think they will need. With water base you will have better results with a large pool.

Hope this helps.
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