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Default Re: Adding water to permaset supercover

Originally Posted by NoXid
I print it through 200 mesh and don't really have drying problems, but Portland isn't exactly a dry place ...

Yes, add some water, and mist it as noted above. You may also try wiping the screen down with a damp cloth before loading in the ink. And when all done and putting the unused ink back in the bucket, give it a few more squirts of water. Ink is loosing moisture every moment it is out in the open.

You can get a <$10 humidistat at Home Depot, so you can see how humid/dry the air is. I sometimes make a point of washing out some screens before printing so as to increase the humidity in the shop. If you are in a dry climate, you may want a humidifier.

My main issue with SC white at this point is that sometimes it insists on climbing up the squeegee rather than rolling a nice bead when back flooding. Makes it a mess to work with. Never know how it is going to act one day to the next ... not sure what the variable at play is.
That sounds like a really good technique to keep it thinner! I definitely should get the humidistat and keep spraying some water into bucket after each use but hey thank you so much for your time I really appreciate the help bud, this would save my life haha c :