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Default re: Heat Presses: Does size matter? Is bigger really better? Why?

Originally Posted by xtina
Can I just ask why everyone recommends a 15x15" size heat press, or around that size, when most printers do no larger than A4 (just over 8x11.5") - so why would you need bigger? Wouldn't a smaller one do? What's the extra benefit? Is it just in case I buy an A3 printer, and just in case I buy A3 paper, and just in case I do massive transfers? I just don't get it - and I need to, cos I need to buy a press now! Can anyone explain?
(feel free to direct me to a thread if you've already answered all this several times!)
If you would invest on press at this time, I would try to put it on the biggest press that you can afford. This is the same with me when I first invest on press, I thought the same way and said to myself that 16x16 should be enough to what I will be doing, but just few months after and after getting my cutter, I then realize that for a little bit more, I should have taken the bigger one instead. Why? as you can see the designs on the shirts right now, are huge, some are even full front or full back shirt and with my line, I also do sublimation, which by putting more substrate on the press is the best way to go, imagine being able to do 30% more than your standard press. Like I said, get the biggest press you can afford, it will definitely pay you off later.