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Default Head Printer problem - R jet 5

My first post so hello everybody.

I have problem with white ink (dupont) in my R jet 5. I saw yesterday that overprints looks much worse than previous days (only on color t shirts - printing with white ink). I have noticed that there is not "enough" white ink before colour goes. Firstly i have reinstalled my resolute program (i thought this is issue with % of white ink in program).

Then i made nozzle check. Suddenly i saw where problem is. The white stripes are pritty bad (color are excelent). They are ragged. I did several nozzle checks, and few prints (white squares). After one hour of printing and making nozzle checks it was a little bit better but still not good.

I called my service guy (the guy who sold me new printer). He claims that i have to send printer to him because he has to clean manually printer head. It is very big cost for me.

I think the problem was in humidity (- 10 degrees outside ). We bought device to measure humidity and it was a disaster in our work room:

25 %

Maybe ink changed its density or consistency ?

We have bought humidifier and after 24 hours it is better (humid 50 %) but still not good.

Any ideas ?

Maybe we should make power cleaning ? Or pour water to ink containers and make few power cleanings ? Or we should spent a lot of money and send printer to the service guy ?

Thank you very much for the answers.