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Default Re: Anyone who use DTG Printer from China

I was looking last year about getting a DTG printer. I asked here and spoke with many people on it. Though a nice DTG printer does great, I opted to get a BN20 Roland. You can do transfers and it does a pretty nice job. You have limitations, but for the price, it's a decent entry level that gets the job done. I'm a screen printer so I wasn't looking to put all of my work on a digital machine. This fills in the gaps that I was missing, plus I've been steadily doing stickers and decals of all sorts too.

On DTG printers, if you have the volume, I had determined the Spectra 3000 was a pretty good idea. Beyond that, you are in the 20K range. You really better have the volume to get into that. I don't, so I didn't go that route.