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Default R-JET 5 Not Printing Any Cyan (head only 2 weeks old and was printing fine initially)

OK, Well the title says it all really.

We changed the printhead on one of our R-Jet 5's about 2 weeks ago. Initially printed well all colours perfect. Since then the Cyan steadily got worse and worse and now nothing at all from that channel/line.

We have looked at the cartridge, checked that the chip and the part that reads the chip inside is connecting properly and not covered in any residue that would interfere with connection.

We have looked inside the cartridge to make sure there isn't a split or damaged connector (this had happened on a different cartridge/printer a few years ago but wasn't the issue this time).

The capping station looks fine and as mentioned, all the other colours are printing perfectly.

There doesn't seem to be any damage to ribbon cables.

There isn't any cyan ink leaking anywhere along the tubes so I don't think a tube has split.

The damper is sitting correctly.

We have pretty much looked at everything (I'm sure there is other things we have looked at that I haven't mentioned).

I am still thinking that it is some kind of issue with the cyan not having the correct pressure in the tube/line (there is ink in the tube/line)...

We have been in touch with resolte and hopefully we'll figure this out. Just wondering if any others have experienced this or if anyone has any other ideas.

Just to clarify "no cyan printing at all on the nozzle test print"