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Default Re: Change contact/shop info from my private info to my company (.net)

Originally Posted by larsjorgen
I've been in contact with both spreadshirt.com and .net and I can't believe how much of a pain in the *** it is to change the info on my shops to my company info.

I live in Norway, btw, I can only assume that's why things gets so complicated.

I have no interest in having my name on there since I do in fact have a company, but none of the two had a solution that I can work with - or at least that's what they said. "Sorry, there's gotta be a name in there!" So why does for example FPS Russia have no name in there, and only their company name etc? Ok, they are located in the US and the company is registered there. That's cool, but why do they keep telling me that what FPS Russia is doing is not possible?

Most of my customers are in the EU, so is it even possible to be registered with my company info only at all? Are some of you here doing that?
To be honest I've never really looked into what one can do with shop name on Spreadshirt. I have a shop on there that sells something once in a while but I am so busy with work and freelance art I have no time for my many online shops and they just languish. My spreadshirt shop is in US but I would think they are running the same back-end globally with the only difference being pricing and where the goods are being produced. But I've logged in now and going to look.