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Default Re: Issue with opaque chunk and rough texture prints

That first print, before flashing is critical. If the first print is rough when you flash it. the high spots are permanent and your only hope after that is to keep layering ink, trying to fill the low spots in like Bondo/filler. While you are fine tuning your technique, I'd thin your ink out however much you have to to get it through the screen with as many passes as you have to. make sure your ink is not to cold. When you flash, just flash until it's dry enough for the next layer of ink to stick, that way , the first layer is a little soft, and the squeegee pressure from the next print may iron the first print a little smoother. While your figuring this out, It's better to spend more time on more flashes and prints with thin ink(with a perfect end result) than to try the fastest way with poor quality.