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Default Issue with opaque chunk and rough texture prints

hi there!

I am some what new to silk screen printing. Previously I was using green galaxy water based white, but recently switched to a full line of ryonet ryopaque inks including the white. I am having issues with "chunk" or the fact that its not releasing fully from the screen, and/or sometimes the first pass pulls up fibers on the shirt and causes them to stick up creating a rough print with the ink also not releasing well onto the shirt even after print flash print.

things i have tried :
-reducing with curable reducer 15-20-25-30% and still its chunking on me
-very light initial single pass, flash, print, flash, print (helped)

any help would be appreciated. im printing through 156 mesh as recommended by ryonet for their ryopaque inks. i now think i should be printing though maybe 110 mesh but still, i should be able to print a nice print. the green galaxy white ink printed great but i dont like that ink because it cracks when shirts stretch (may be not cured well i was printing them before i had my good flash drier)

images of the issue: