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Default Re: Texjet Rip v7 and Uk suppiers

Originally Posted by kostaspolyprint
Hi Steve,

Early versions of v7 had some bugs which were solved with later versions. Make sure you have the 1132 build installed which for now is the latest one.

Apart from that and regarding the manual, there are installation instructions and white mask creation instructions. Please ask from your supplier to give them to you.

Hi Kostas
Yes, I have build 1132. The use of the software is quite easy but when I have problems, the lack of a manual makes it very difficult to solve my own issues. At the moment I have tried lots of random settings trying to solve my problem (see reply to Zerg). Julien's team are also working on it.

A software manual would be really helpful, even if it only explains what each button does. I have tried lots of settings but sometimes I see no visible difference in the print, so not 100% sure what they do! Its quite frustrating.