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Default Re: Little Fibers Sticking Up Off Shirt any fix?

Haha that is too funny ok a little part of pretreating that maybe got overlooked hehe. I will tell you how I do it. First I apply a light mist of distilled water (with a spray bottle set to mist) this little trick will make sure you dont have any box from the pretreatment. Then I spray the pretreatment on going side to side and up and down but not too much. Then I use a boar bristle paint brush and I brush all the fibers in a down direction. I only brush down and no other direction. Then after I brush down and make sure my pretreatment is even, I heat press for around 10 seconds with quilan parchment paper, take off the paper and press another 10 seconds. Then I am ready to print There are 2 reasons you want to brush the pretreatment into the shirt. 1. you want your pretreatment even and by brushing you can make sure it is evenly distributed. 2. lol to make sure the fibers are flattened down so they dont stick up thru the print.

And dont feel bad you didnt know because it is amazing some of the smallest details that can make a difference and that get overlooked, and look you gave me a big smile in the process

Let me know how this works for you.
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