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Default Little Fibers Sticking Up Off Shirt any fix?

Hello, I am new to this forum as well as DTG printing, got my Blazer Express in last week and have been working with it day and night. Everything is going well but one problem.

It seems there are thousands of little tiny fibers sticking up off the shirt and when I print white ink on a dark shirt, say black. The image looks terrible because the under base of white makes it seem like its not spraying the entire area. Basically right after a print, before the heat press, the image looks cracked all over from a distance but if you take a closer look you can see that all these black little fibers sticking up.

Is there a way to eliminate these fibers from sticking up?

Ive tried the following.

Heat Pressing the shirt for a few seconds from different temperatures ranging from 330F-345F, from anywhere to 3 - 10 seconds.

Heat pressing the shirt, pre treating it, then heat pressing the pre treat from different tempratures and times.

Even went as far as heat pressing the shirt, pre treating it, heat pressing it with the pretreat curing sheets, then pressing it with no sheet at all. Still nothing, the fibers insist on standing.

Anyone know of a way to get these fibers to lay down or burn off?