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Default Re: Has anyone used the Quick t print diy dtg printer

Originally Posted by gutter35
I'm down with that...He told me 10 days, and it took 2 months to get. I recieved no instructions, no rip program, no cables nothing but a printer and a bunch of attitude when I called him out on his BS. Have you guys even printed anything on this printer? What rip software did you guys use with this printer?
I recently purchased a printer from this guy. A six week wait on shipment (waiting on "a part"). It was supposed to be shipped as a "box within a box" for protection. It came in one box with some broken Styrofoam, thrown in. No software; hoses and buttons zip tied to it with zero instructions. As you said, the guy is horrible. I had requested hardcopy paperwork; when I called to ask why he did not send any paperwork of any kind, he became very nasty. He told me, "you won't shut up long enough for me to tell you", but then only wanted to rant about how people keep wanting him to "teach " them how to print tshirts, that I am no doubt one of those people, and that if I would "cry on the tshirt forums, someone will probably take pity on you and tell you how to run one". Buyer's remorse doesn't begin to describe the regret I have buying from this guy. Even if I get the thing to print, if any part fails I will be out of luck. Did do some research; obviously not enough. The guy presents himself as a company when what he is, is some lowlife building knock-off printers at home. He says he did not attach the platen, because "someone will sue me". Must be illegally using someone else's design. A class action law suit? I would be in!