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Default Re: What determines search rank of Zazzle?

Zazzle Team,

I am a Zazzler too. I am, unfortunately, an increasingly disgruntled one. I have some questions, and would love to hear from someone "in the know".

1) When is Zazzle going to upgrade its klunky, underpowered, non-modular user interface? At CafePress I can add a design to dozens of items with a few clicks, instead of the labor intensive mind numbing need to upload, and repeat my tags and descriptions time after time, after time, etc.

2) It is nearly impossible to really control how you gallery looks. There is so little control for the user in changing and managing the look of the gallery I was, frankly, surprised. Why is there so little control for the layout of the gallery?

3) Zazzle is way too possessive and controlling of MY designs for my taste. Why does Zazzle make it so difficult for me to remove designs? I have encountered, literally, dozens of former Zazzlers who had to email for weeks and weeks, repeatedly asking Zazzle to close their stores and remove their designs. I understand that as a business grows the speed with which Zazzle can respond to these requests can slow, but the amount of time in question seems unreasonable.

Let's start with these, and hopefully you can restore my faith in Zazzle.