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Default desktop epsons using eco-solvent ink?????

Hey all --

crazy question I suppose:

has anyone tried pumping eco-solvent inks into any of their cheap epson printers (c88, c120, 1280, 1400, 1800, etc)???

I'd love to be able to print some uv safe vinyl stickers from one of those babies.

I found this ink, 'jetall', which claims to work with all piezoelectric printers:
"JETALL" Eco-solvent Ink

Im sure there's other brands, but I just happed across that one while googling up some other info. Certainly the ability to print eco-sol inks from a basic 'el-cheapo' desktop would be a pretty sweet setup. (yeah, sure -- ya probably gotta roll your own ICC for it, but even if that takes ya a few days of trial and error, no biggie)

Anyone worked up the gumption to test out eco-sol in a desktop? Im on the prowl for a cheap craigslist epson to give it a whirl. (no need to jam working printers, eh?)

Just wondering if anyone else had gone down the same path at any point??? thoughts? experiences? riot acts to be read? =o)~

spanks a mil,

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