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Default Re: Anybody done any experimenting with a SpreadShirt store?

I'm not saying placement doesn't matter at all. I'm saying that from experience, our expectation of exact placement and the customer's expectation of placement is often quite different.

Simply put, customer's aren't as picky about that specific aspect as we are as the t-shirt designer.

The shirts I've received from spreadshirt we're printed beautifully, no fading and great placement (exactly where I had them in the shop).

From what I've seen of the particular design in question, it is definitely a non-standard placement that would probably need to be sorted out directly with the printshop.

It's the first time I've seen that type of placement in years of handling printjobs and seeing the finished t-shirt product.

Not saying it couldn't be done, but I can see why it may need more explaination than the normal design that is just placed in the center or the left or the back or even off center on one side.

I would keep following up with Spreadshirt until you get someone that understands the issue and can guarantee (or say it's possible or not possible) the placement you want.

Maybe you could send a PM to the jspreadshirt (John that just posted) to see if he can look into the issue.
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