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Talking Spreadshirt Vector Requirements Guide

Top 'O Th' Mornin',

A few things I've gathered from e-mails, faqs and other posts. Not 100% complete, but I hope it can be of service to someone.

Spreadshirt Vector Requirements Guide.

Design Size

The entire design cannot exceed 11.7 x 11.7 inches (297.18 mm). Spreadshirt recommends a size of 8.86 x 8.86 inches (225 mm) so that your design can be successfully printed on most products.

Design Elements

All components of your design must be at least 0.059 inches (1.5 mm).

It is necessary to proof every object in the design for a minimum size of 0.059 inches. If the design element is larger than the 0.059 in shape, then the design will be able to be printed. If the design element is smaller than the 0.059 in. shape, then the design will not be able to be printed.

For designs where parts taper off the design must be no smaller than .04 inches at the base and extend no more than .12 inches. Anything very long and too thin will break off before being pressed. Note: When looking at examples for reference, make sure that the design you are looking at is a vector graphic and not a digital. Digital files do not have size requirements for upload.

If a vector design cannot be scaled down, it certainly contains elements which are exactly 1,5 mm of size - this is the minimum size for all elements which are supposed to be printed. If you need to scale the design down, make sure that all elements are bigger than 1,5 mm.

Spreadshirt does not resize the design. They check the size of the smallest element and add scaling (or not). If a design is far too small but meets all other conditions for plot printing, they might modify the size / make it bigger.

The space between elements should be no less than 0.04 inches (1 mm).

If a design is multicolor then the individual colors are allowed to be next to one another. It is elements within one of the colors. For example, with text the space between the letters and the empty space in letters like e, g,p, etc must be at least .04 inches.


Vector designs are limited to 3 colors.

File Format/Final Output (Adobe Illustrator)

Delete all pixel (bitmap) information from the document/design.

Convert all design elements and text into curves (paths.)

Select all of the design elements and keep selected during the next three steps:

1) Menu╦Object╦Flatten Transparency.
Settings: 100% vector, Convert all Text to Outlines and Convert all Strokes to Outlines .

2) Pathfinder Palette: Merge.

3) Menu╦Object╦Path╦Clean Up. Settings: Check all three boxes and click OK.

Save/Export your design(s) in .eps format.

Not everything, but hopefully enough to help you stay sane during the process.


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