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Default Re: So what is the genesis?

Originally Posted by clippernate34
I really like the small foot print of this thing!!
This was one of the goals of this product. We find that customers with multiple printers need as much floor space as they can find. So we decided to build a smaller printer instead of forcing customers to build a bigger room!

If you had a 25'x25' area and wanted to put as many printers you could in that space and still move around, we figured you could put about 24 Mod1 printers OR 40 Genesis printers. So the general idea is if the printer is faster and smaller there is more production space available.

Without running real numbers, since we aren't at that place yet, we estimate that we should be at least twice as fast with the Genesis as the Mod1. So using that, compared to the Mod1 in that same space, it would be equivalent to 80 printers versus the 24, yet we still have a very large printable area, much larger than the Mod1.