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Default Re: What DTG machine do you own and how did you make your decision on it :)

What machine do you own? Flexi L

What were the sources of information you researched to make your decision? Trades Shows, Internet, talking with dealers

What is your business model? Downtown based shop, internet sales, and more

Are you happy with your decision? No , going on third print head, have had to replace main circuit board, too tempermental, either not doing enough maintenance or too much hurts certain things also, humidity problems too humid or not enough, static problems, currently no good ink, poor washability, fading, looks like DTG Inks - Home has a good ink now , will be trying it next lots of good reveiws so far.

What are the pros you have learned of your machine? Ok for small runs with lots of color, but not great for large runs. The biggest plus and the main reason we have had help is Dan from DTG Inks - Home he also has one and can fix and help you with anything, probably the most knowledgable dtg user and he also probably has the best ink also. Mfg guys also are trying and are good guys

What are the negatives you have learned of your machine? To hard for any employee to run, to many hours researching , trouble shooting, and repairing. My biggest complait is no cumunication other than expecting users to read the forum every day to see new updates, they could at least mail or email us official info when they learn something, but nothing ever not once from them on updates or changes we need to make, so when we read something on the forum from another owner like myself on something they are doing that works for them , should we do it or not, nothing ever official. Then after so long you learn that it cause another problem, then its our fault. But on the other hand if you don't do then they can also place blame on you. Also when you call for help they always try to blame someone else. This machine has the seller, mfg of base, epson printer, ink mfg, and rip. So that is five seperate companies to push problems off onto, instead of the one main company that takes your money taking care of you, you have to communicate with the other four involved also, except the ink mfg no way too communicate with, however we will be switching to DTGinks so then we will be able to.

What type of maintenance do you do? regular maintenace capping station, wiper blade, cleaning solution in capping station every night,

How long have you owned your machine? year and a 1/2

How long did it take you to learn to use? No manual with machine so longer than should have, all us owners of the Flexi trouble shoot on a daily basis on the flexi forum

Is there anything you wished you had known before you bought your machine that you know now? (i'm going to be nice ,I could go on forever)Worst experience of my life, poor service, don't back up warranty want you to pay $400 shipping fees when it breaks and be without for how long.
Wish I would have never bought, hard to get service when they are so far away

Is there anything else you would like to add or let others know? Maybe wait a few more years , all the bugs should be worked out of them all, if you do buy a DTG printer read the forum for that machine to see how much trouble users are having, Flexi will not let you into forum until you pay and get your machine, must have a good reason, they do not want you to see what all the current owners are going through, if they will not let you have a temperary pass to forum, then go with another brand that is not hiding info from you, all the others let you in there forums.

Would you recommend this machine to others? No, looks like the Brother is the most reliable, the brother forum is rarely discussing problems, only reason I did not buy a Brother is I thought the ink was too expensive but I would rather pay more for ink then have to do all the maintennace and repairing I have had to do.

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