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Default Re: What DTG machine do you own and how did you make your decision on it :)

What machine do you own?
Brother GT-541

What were the sources of information you researched to make your decision?
These forums, as well as Screenprintinguniversity's forums. We also attended three trade shows before making our decision.

What is your business model?
We have a retail outlet owned by us, it's a gift shop as well as a walk in personalization store (DTG, Sublimation, Metaza and UV curable items, can also do signage with our SP300). We also are planning a commercial side where we deal with local businesses and casinos. Nevada is literally a stone's throw away, town is divided by the stateline.

Are you happy with your decision?
Haven't owned it long, so far I'm satisfied!

What are the pros you have learned of your machine?
Very little maintenance problems with it, very little learning curve to it.

What are the negatives you have learned of your machine?
Print quality isn't the greatest in my opinion, but the garment looks good from a foot away. No black shirts, limited ability on darks.

What type of maintenance do you do?
Machine takes care of itself as long as I use it. Clean nozzles occasionally, the ability to clean a single nozzle is really great.

How long have you owned your machine?
Just learned how to use it this week!

How long did it take you to learn to use?
Soon as Bill Sween showed up and assembled it, I was good to go.

Is there anything you wished you had known before you bought your machine that you know now?
Nope, I researched it the best I could before we settled on it.

Is there anything else you would like to add or let others know?
Brother's training was great, we met Bill Sween at ISS in January, he installed for us on Wednesday, very knowledgeable about the product, what can go wrong, preventative maintenance, and so on. Always nice to work with people who know the product in and out, also great that they're not just some random salesmen at the show (although it's pretty easy to weed out someone who cares about what they're selling vs someone who just wants a paycheck).

Would you recommend this machine to others?
For those that can afford it, it seems like a great machine for its purposes. The T-Jet sounds like you can start getting them for quite cheap, however there is quite a learning curve I've heard to it.
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