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Default Re: WH3 and WH4 not printing

Well, I thought we had this fixed yesterday, but after running samples for the rest of the day, and into this morning here is what we are experiencing::

:: 1 or 2 light cleanings on WH3/WH4
:: Solid Nozzle Check
:: Go to print, good white lay for about 2 inches, then WH3/WH4 appear to clog and the rest of the print is not solid white
:: Confirm clog by running nozzle check, and yep, WH3/WH4 are clogged again.
:: Repeat steps, same outcome every time.

One thought I have, and this is probably just because I am starting to feel a bit nuts about how to fix it, is that the white ink cartridges are both reading Low Ink. Would swapping out to full cartridges potentially help this?