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Default Re: Anyone who use DTG Printer from China

Originally Posted by T4R

i was in the same position like you, not a lot of budget and willing to start with DTG printing.

i've bought a china printer from a company in china.

It takes a lot of things to sort out to get it runnng (but i read here it is the same with a lot of American brands like the M2.)

The printer i've bought is based on a Epson R1800 and only the things around it is chinese.

The support is reasonable, not really quick and i have the idea they can't speak or write very good english and they use google or Bing translate to understand what you want or what your problemis ( so keep it simple )

The machine is a lot cheaper then european or US brands and this makes it something to think about. Is it worth the pricedifference to get into an adventure like this.

If i have to give the company a rating between 1 and 10 ( 10 is excellent)

i give it for quotations and response on a quotation question an 8
i give it for sales a 6
after sales ( between buying and receiving) a 5
the quality of the machine an 8.5
the RIP a 9
the service contact an 8 (if you have skype it would be working better i suppose)(and they really want to help you out and they prefer to use skype)
getting parts in a 6,5 (takes a while before they send it to you( keep it on a week for a minimum)
printing quality a 9,5

Things i learned in the first few months:
* use a grounded powersocket, it helps to prevent a lot of funny errors ( maybe it would be wise to use a UPC
* if you want to print with white ink better not use a machine based on the R1800 or R1900 (or any other epson with a 30cc inkreservoir) and better look for a 4800 based Epson just because you will need a lot of white ink for a nice solid white layer and the 1800 series can print a large white area but need more then half a tank (in the memory of the printers 30cc) and can run out of ink before you finish your printjob.

Keep in mind that its best to use the printer every day, especially because the white ink must be shaken on a regular base.

(I'm working out a low budget stirring solution for the inktank(s) but this isn't finished yet.)

I don't think i would be better of with a printer from a local dealer except on communication in my own lanquage. The price of a "European" brand would cost me more then 2.5 times the price I payed for a chinese machine with Epson based printertechnique)(included airfreight to Europe)( and about 9 times less expensive then a Anajet)

best regards,

Very good and informative Ronald!