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Default Re: Dtg 101 Guide for People Thinking about DTG Printing


I don't have a problem answering the "What's in it for you?" question. I get questions all the time via PM about whether a company should get into dtg printing or what printer to go with. For a long time, I would send links to posts for people to look at to help them make their decision. If someone wanted to hire me as a consultant to look at their business plan, their business and help determine which machine works best for them... then I would go into much more detail and get them in contact with people that own the different machines. This dtg 101 pdf was designed for people to looking at dtg printing. I think it covers most of the basic things that they need to know before they go to evaluate the different machines. Over the past couple of years, I have talked to many companies that should not have purchased a dtg printer. It was either not a match for their business model or they were not technically ready for it.

You will notice that there is no recommendation in the paper for one specific machine. This is because the best machine for your business requires us to know specific things about your business. These are the questions that the sales people should be asking you if they really want you to have the best machine for your business. Ultimately, you have the responsibility of making sure you ask the right questions to ensure your investment is going into the right machine.

The Digital Concept Shop is where you are seeing some of the most successful companies doing. The basic principle is sell more items at short runs (i.e. higher profits) to the same customers then trying to get more customers buying the same things in higher runs. Just need to be careful that you don't grow too fast to the point where you don't know how to properly use all the equipment. This is why it is important that however you purchase the equipment from is going to support you.

Hope this answers your questions. Well, except for the one that asks about which machine. Just don't know enough about your company to make an appropriate answer without guessing. But the paper should help you in that process.

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