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Default Re: DTG Viper 2

Glad to hear you had success. Doesn't it feel good to know it is not the machine you just drop so much cash on. But the understanding of a process. You have jumped the first hurdle. This hurdle was the biggest for us. Now it is time to fine tune the process to shave that extra 45 sec off the print time from getting the shirt out of the box to the finish pressing.

Personally an auto booth treater is a nice to have but not necessary. We ditched the Wagner sprayer I think in the first week we had our machine years ago...We use a hand spray bottle now. We measure the numbers of pulls it takes for the desired grams of pretreatment as a starting point.

As far as shirts it depends on the market. If you are truly doing short runs 1 - 24. I would not get to hung up on an extra 50 cents a shirt as so many folks do and go for a good brand that works well for you. Pick a supplier that is close by and can ship to your door within a day or two. This way you do not have to keep a large stock on hand if it is not needed. Especially when you are first starting out. I would also suggest you keep DTG parts on hands. The stuff that will really stop production in its tracks. We keep extra belts, coder strips, extra capping station, wiper blades, ink, chips, and pretreatment on hand. We even have an extra board. Keeping these supplies will cost you around the same as an auto booth treater. You really never know how good service is till you need it on your machine. I would also suggest you get to know the mechanic of your DTG. Do not be afraid of opening the case to see how things work.

I have all sorts of tips on cleaning the capping station and wiper blades etc. but that a different topic. I would have to do a video.