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Default Re: DTG Viper 2

The issue is the way the pretreatment is being done. This is either the shirt quality, the amount you are putting down and /or the way you are pressing/drying the pretreatment. The pretreatment can look flat at first but many things can change that. If you shake the shirt before placing on the platen or if you run your hands over the shirt when position the shirt on the platen. The air flow in your shop or fan that is used on/in the printer. We have an old viper and there is/was a squirrel fan in the unit that use to blow air down on the shirt before running over the head. Not sure why it was there but we disconnected it and leave the top door open during printing to allow ink mist to leave. But all in all it took us about 4 months to get a process down for the shirts we use. Now our error rate is less than 2% on larger runs for any type of shirt we use. If I had to train our staff again, I personally would get good quality ring spun cotton shirts to first get the process down then move toward the thicker cotton shirts and adjust your process. When printing white it is all about the pretreatment process....On trick we use is to pretreat/press then let sit a while to dry more than repress 20 sec before placing on platen. Do not touch the printing area with your hands!

Hope this helps...