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Default Re: What machine do you own and how did you make your decision on it :)

What machines do you own? T-Jet1 & T-Jet2īs

What were the sources of information you researched to make your decision?
I googled and found info on some forums.

What is your business model?
I started with a design-online-shop ant today we have 3 different webshops: design-online, readymade design and a cafepress-clone (or like spreadshirt and zazzle).

Are you happy with your decision?
I think the T2 is the best DTG-printer in the world. It suits our production perfect.

What are the pros you have learned of your machine?
Great quality, e
asy to learn, maintain and change spareparts.

What are the negatives you have learned of your machine?
If you donīt take care of the maintanence (daily and weekly) the tubes and head will clog.

What type of maintenance do you do?
Every morning we clean capping station and wiper assembly.
After that we pull some white ink thru the white cartidges with a syringe and put it back in the bottle. Then we do a nozzle check to make sure that everything is ok. Every friday I wipe clean my printhead with a soft paper towel and cleaning solution

We shake the white bottle once a day and the trick with pulling white ink thru the tubes every morning makes every print look great.

How long have you owned your machine?
The T2īs is from March 2006 when we started our first website.

How long did it take you to learn to use?
Because we started when white was new to the industry it was some issues with thin tubes in bulksystem and no good tips in pretreating methods. We did a couple of hundred shirts before we was satisfied with the result. Today it would have been much easier thanks to all information on tshirtforums.com and usscreen supportforum.

Is there anything you wished you had known before you bought your machine that you know now?
No, I was prepared that it not was an ordinary epson printer.

Is there anything else you would like to add or let others know?
If you treat the printer good and let it take time to learn you will have a moneymaker. Search info with google and in different forums to see if itīs the right investment for your business. If you think you can let it stand for a week and print 5-10-50-100 shirts in the weekend then I would think about let someone else do the printing for you. They work best when printing daily.

And keep in mind that washability has nothing to do with the printer. Itīs all in the ink and well done curing.

Would you recommend this machine to others?
I would definately recommend this machine and the new models called Blazer Express and Blazer PRO. I would also suggest to invest in an Autotreater or Autotreater PRO to pretreat shirts with if you print more than 40-50 black shirts/day.
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