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Default Re: Anyone who use DTG Printer from China

Originally Posted by JB1579
Anyone who cares to share their experiences on using DTG printer from China.I am planning start my tshirt printing business and planning to buy dtg printer from China. (I cannot afford branded DTG printer due to my little budget)..I tried to go for silkscreen printing but the process will be difficult for me because I am working in a company.anyway.
DTG Printer from China.
how it works?
hows the quality? I assume some branded dtg printer were manufactured in china(correct me if i am wrong).
Any PRO and CONS?
I have the passion and will..can you still recommend DTG from china..
A lot of the things we use on a daily basis are manufactured in China, and hold up very well. Billion dollar company's use China. So to simply say that everything in China is garbage is wrong. Where a lot of the bad reputation comes from is when a manufacturer are just in it for the money, and unfortunately China being a manufacturing hub there's plenty of those. China's manufacturing standards are usually set by the consumer, so that leaves a huge gap in quality. What hard is finding the right manufacturer. There are some really great manufacturer's in China, but findng the right one can be challenging. The average consumer doesn't have the time and money to make this process successful, so they rush buy and get burned.

Manufactured Vs Assembled
I love it when a company claims "Made in The USA", when actually most of the key components were manufactured in China and just assembled in the USA. This happens all the time. So don't be misled by this.

I plan on assembling a DIY DTG printer where most of the key components are manufactured in China. I want to bring this to the community here. To prove that you don't have to pay a arm and leg for a great DTG printer.

Here's a couple of videos of the project. Based on a Epson 3880. I also plan putting on a UV led and white ink recycling system. This will be done on my dime, and the knowledge given to you for free.


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