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Default Re: Any veloci-jet Owners wish they bought different machine

Originally Posted by make it mine
Wish I would have went with another machine. I noticed EZ will provide support for problems only to those that bought the machine directly from them. Although the advice and peer to peer has been most helpful and has cleared up some of the issues they still keep re-occuring. I spen 3/4 of the day reseting the fatal errors. At this point im lucky to print five shirt in 8 hours. Not a very productive way to get out larger orders. Anyone have the solution to the fatal error situation and what have you done to correct it. Please help. Thank you Billy for your help on the last issue hasn't happened since GREATLY APPRECIATED!
Yea man they came out to Florida to help me out. great techs man you should definitely have the guys from equipmentzone come out and help you out. i have a veloci-jet and i don't have that problem at all. i can print probably 50-100 shirts in that time.

but whats going on with the errors maybe i can help you out. do you have the manuals? they are very helpful. let me know how i can help if i can at all. i've had my printer for about a year and a half and i don't have any problems like that.