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Default Re: Any veloci-jet Owners wish they bought different machine

Originally Posted by HPS
Thank You very much for your reply. may i ask have you owned any other dtg equipment? the procedures you list seem to be a little more than say is considered normal and average but honestly the procedures seem to be well thought out and well executed and if they are a little above and beyond they still seem to be relatively easy and not over the top or too time consuming. So if I am reading this right you have a good 10-15 minutes on a print day and then maybe an extra 3-8 minutes of a weekly procedure that may or may not be needed or called for. I check the air in my tires once a month. I have tire sensors but I check and regulate anyway. 5 minutes and a dirty finger or two but again seems worth while and I am all about being proactive and I do think an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure so I am copying your schedule and will add it to my check list if this is the machine I get. I found no bad feedback in your post. I am not looking for negatives but would like to be prepared for and know of any downsides. I as stated in my earlier post just do not see the cries for help or calls for people joining into class action lawsuits and I do not even see many if any "HELP XXXX NOT WORKING" in this thread. I borrowed this title from the brother thread, it was my last thread that I read before I bought the brother. I really do know and understand that all machines have moving and breakable parts but from what I have gotten from this whole veloci-jet thread has been positive and I am seeing owners who are happy with the unit and the company.

I know i have to sell tee's and I have to take business or make business but the main goal is to go to battle with the right equipment. This from all I can tell is the right equipment. You quoted my last sentance from my previous post and that is really what I see with lots of machines. The machine owns the shop and dictates the production and I just can't afford that or the huge downtime and I can not afford to have a machine that makes me and my employees want to quit because of the up keep. I am hoping a few more owners chime in and share good or bad but right now this just seems like the best unit on the market.

Last question if you do not mind, 3 color and white , left chest 2x4, back 4x12, what is a real life run time per shirt? Also if I am running inventory every day am I better off line drying pretreatment a day in advance or must pretreatment always be heat pressed? Is a conveyor oven ok for pretreatment?

Again I want to thank you and everyone else who has taken their time to add their opinion of this machine and their experiences. Take care and happy and profitable printing to all of you.

hope this helps you out a bit. i have a veloci-jet myself, had it for about a year and a half now. it's my first dtg printer and i'm very new to the whole tee shirt business. so this is my opinion on it.

It's a very good machine, the time you spend everyday cleaning it is very little maybe 10 min. i honestly don't clean it on the weekends, because i don't run it on Sat and Sun. Monday may require a extra head cleaning when i start my day, which the machine does by it's self. takes maybe a min or two. but also, i live in Florida, idk if the weather conditions have anything to do with me letting it sit without printing for two days, but it does work for me here. so its just fyi

The print quality is great, only thing i'm unhappy with and it might be something i'm doing wrong. When printing on dark garments i get a white line from the white base showing through the top of the image. mainly at the beginning of the color layer, (on some of the art work not all).

Also i didn't get the pretreatment machine so I've had a few problems learning how to pretreat with the wagner spray gun. which also takes a min or two to clean everyday. but, at the end i have been able to learn how to use it properly and how to get a consistent layer of pretreatment on to my garments. but if you get a auto pretreater you won't have these problems.

So what else can i say. the machines internals are great. never had a problem with the head clogging or anything like that really. i still have the same head i got when i purchased it.

Oh yea, something else i can tell you is they do keep up very well when you wash them. i have shirts i've made for myself that i have washed well over 20 times and still not one crack or fading on the image. i think the tee shirt is fading a lot faster then the image.

hope it helps if you have any questions on anything i have missed just let me know.

like i said i'm also very new to the tee shirt business so this is a genuine experience with this machine. i had to learn everything. from creating the artwork to printing and maintaining the printer.