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Default Re: Spreadshirts max printing size?

Originally Posted by CTTypeII
why then does your t-shirt designer allow sizing up to 17.7" tall?
also, why then does your t-shirt designer allow the addition of 2 or more files that total a maximum print area of nearly 20" tall? there is no notification on the site that designs saved at this size will be shrunken prior to production. I just received a shirt that was designed with 2 graphics, totaling 14" wide and 18" tall, the item received has the same graphic on it, but sized at just under 10" wide and about 14" tall. I could have accomplished even larger than this with just 1 file, and been charged for 1 file instead of being charged for 2 files, and given something much smaller than designed.
I have talking to SS trying to figure out this issue with little effect.
15x15 is max UPLOAD, with 10 mb limit.
so to get an 18" length u up two files that they link up hopefully

BUT if you can get the file size down to 10 MB u can up ONE design to cover the entire 18" area and its supposed to print.

Yet when upping a design to SS design page it immediately scales the graphic, and this could have been the issue?

I find these dimension issues the biggest hindrance with SS.