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Default Re: Quality of Print

I had a Spreadshirt account but am considering closing it.

First the 10mb file limit is near ridiculous! Makes it so difficult to get a file right and upload it.
Then the weird scaling process and limits of only being able to up file that are 15x15.

If you want the entire length of a shirts printable area you have to up two file of 10mb each which will equal 20 mb anyway,

so why not let me up a 20mb file?
I guess to increases prices?
but then you have to align the two graphics perfect and that doesn't always happen right!

If you have one file you can scale or stretch the graphic to the entire area on tshirt.

The process is very cumbersome and the online software to place the image is frustrating.

One Customer service person that i spoke to was so uninformed that she argued that my uploaded graphic was 72dpi and would be very tiny on a tshirt.

I explained that was impossible! she argued after speaking with another great and knowledgable tech there, I was told she pulled the small JPG off their website and it was 72 dpi, duh.

I wanted to work with them but the file limitations and sizing issues was so limiting, that i have to find elsewhere.