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Default Re: Looking to purchase Brother GT541 Need Input

We've had the Brother since Sep 2005.

As mentioned by a previous poster, we also had to purchase an ink head due to not monitoring humidity. That has been the only technical issue we could not solve with cleaning the print heads. (The smallest piece of fuzz results in banding.)

For printing on darks, we use plastisol transfers or for full color use Transfer Express' new Digiprints or contract printing by a Kornit Co. (contractdtg.com). We charge high prices for either of those options because they cost more and should. In fact, for some printing on lights we use transfers if the volume and no. of colors doesn't make DTG pricing competive. (We don't short-sell the uniquiness of no color limits, no seperations required, full gradients and so on.)

Like mentioned, there was no white ink machine that would pass our wash test standards. (There was no Kornit then or at least I didn't see one or it wasn't as perfected or something. I don't know that I wouldn't stick with the Brother even if I was shopping in today's market.) But the speed of printing was probably the No. 1 selling point.

Nothing beats the File --> Print simplicity of the Brother and it is a solid machine that gives us no worries.