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Default Re: Using Image Armor Ultra for Epson f2000

Originally Posted by scuba_steve2699
Strong arguments all!

I guess it is smackdown on Steve day

With all due respect to all of you, I have personally seen 2 heat presses that were used for pre treatment only that had massive corrosion on them. This was after several thousand shirts being run through them. The one facility that had a press with the upper cover and one without - no corrosion on the one with the cover and the other was rusted all up.

Run 10 degrees hotter to compensate = $0

Run at set temperature and risk corrosion over time = $1800 every few years.

I like my chances

No smackdown intended at all.

It's always good to get different feedbacks on topics and your opinions are certainly appreciated. The point that some of us were making in response is that we have never seen corrosion on heat presses caused by pretreat. Nor heard of anyone having this issue. I can only speculate that if you have only seen it yourself at one company's facility it may have had more to do with something that company was doing then the pretreat causing an issue.

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