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Default Re: Using Image Armor Ultra for Epson f2000

Originally Posted by Dekay317
Teflon on the top is ok but must be wiped after EVERY shirt is pretreated. If it were me I would take the teflon cover off the top and leave the bottom one on. I would also suggest using either the brown craft paper or silicon coated paper.

45 Seconds for CMYK ONLY Prints - 350f - Light Pressure
90 Seconds for CMYK+W Printer - 350f - Light Pressure

Where did you get the 70 seconds of hovering and an additional 70 seconds from? Last thing..be sure to verify that your heat press is actually at the temperature indicated.
I would STRONGLY warn against taking off the top teflon cover - remember that the pre treatment fluid is salt based and the vapors that go up into the upper platen will cool and condense. Now you have salt (a corrosive chemical) on metal. It will corrode the metal parts over time. The upper platen cover prevents the steam / salt vapor from getting into that area.

I use an upper platen cover and kraft paper to ensure that the vapors do not get up there and that I get a dull finish that is clean on the pretreatment when it is cured.
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