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Default re: My Firebird DTG Ink Review and Experiences

Originally Posted by g.lupo
You will see a difference whether you use image armor or Firebird pretreat with either Dupont or Firebird Inc. I recommend that you do your own testing and see what works best for you you're not going to get the same results with one Inc. with another pretreat because everybody creates there's different.

Each one has there benefit, and have used them all with all possible combinetions

"Wobble for Jesus" - haha I like that, just visited your store..

Yes I fully understand what you are saying, what works for one might not work for another. But I also know something about recipes, that you need exact ingredients to make the same dish consecutively. The same principle has many applications in life, and it applies well to DTG... for me anyways...

For example: I have been making NY Style Pizza (dough mainly) for 15 years... I know a lot of different recipes for achieving that same hard to imitate crust, that stretchy yet crispy crust that so many West Coasters can't seem to emulate exactly... Then they blame it on the water, stating that NY water has something special in it that wont allow them produce it in their oven, 3000 miles away. I was told that I would have to use "NY Tap water" (lol!) in order to emulate that delicious NY style crust. Well it shouldn't come as a surprise that I dispelled that myth through intense research and tweaking every aspect of the recipe.. and it seemed absurd to think that filthy tap water out the East River was the credit to that special taste... besides, a real NY Pizza shop would shut down in 2 seconds in inspector showed up and witnessed them pouring that garbage into the dough mixture. And after much deliberate research, I am now able to reproduce and achieve those same results in our own home oven... Pizza-snobs don't believe it until they come over and eat some of my homemade Pizza. I also worked in a few authentic joints when I was a kid and learned a few "tricks" from the masters... And they use filtered RO water, by the way.

Similarly, I dove into the DTG world with the same heart and enthusiasm, and learned some important techniques from the masters. So I guess what I am saying is this: there are several ways to arrive at the same destination. But there will always be a way to get there faster. And I am always interested in the latter option. And I will always veer off the beaten path and experiment for myself. Remember too, that this DTG path isn't that old either, so experimentation should be highly encouraged so we can all share info and 'arrive faster' (I felt like AA Peter for sec just now)

Image Armor seems to get me there, but am betting that Firebird PT will get me there faster. FB PT on the way!


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