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Default re: My Firebird DTG Ink Review and Experiences

Originally Posted by 23spiderman
i really think the key to all of this has been stated regarding the need for FB pretreat to go along with their inks. but i just want to add that, generally, a cracking print (but still on the shirt) is often due to under-curing. 2880x1400 white is a TON of white ink, and it would make sense to me that it would need a longer cure time to fully remove the moisture....
I see what you're saying here, and would fully agree if we were talking about DuPont white. But I am noticing that this FB is a lot thinner in nature, and tends to 'drink' itself onto the shirt surface...

If you look back and see the 1440x1440 (hulk and color bars) Tee posted, they were very cracked, and it didn't seem like there was enough ink to cover the "stretch" I am trying to achieve.. And I slathered all 3 Tees in Image Armor, to the point where it was slight dripping out of the bottom. Am not shy with slightly over PT-ing the IA, as its thin and spreads out fast..

I fully intend on finding the winning combination with IA and Firebird white, and sharing the findings here on TSF... Because Image Armor is the bomb underneath Dupont White, and deserves a 2nd and 3rd chance with FB white. I'm getting closer though, and the speedbumps aren't discouraging my research. I truly love testing the process...