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Default Re: Humidity, humdity, humidity!

check the lines and dampers also. Humidity is ideal @ 50% on the older print engines. The new Epson print engines with a pressurized ink delivery system are much more forgiving. Im in the Chicago area and we use forced air gas heat in the winter which is horrid printing conditions regarding humidity! I previously ran a humidifier and put a pot of water on a hot plate to keep humidity up for the older print engine style. I don't have to do any humidity control with the new print engines. The pressurized ink system keeps flow to the head and makes a world of difference compared to gravity feed systems, no more fighting with ink flow and nozzle drop out, nozzle checks are good even after sitting idle for extended periods,its the future of these machines Imho, no doubt!! ... Maybe someone will come up with a retrofit pressure system for the older print engines. Epson has proven this works well on there new models!! There is even a dtg manufacturer advertising 30 day idle with this system.. best of luck on getting to the root of the issue..