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Default Re: Epson Garment Creator Software

Originally Posted by SammySammy
I received my F2000 two weeks ago, started GC and realized after about 5 minutes its not gonna work.

For me using GC is like buying a 200.000$ musicstudio and then operate it with Garageband, or buying a Ferrari but only driving it with spare tires.

Anybody serious with their business will of course use a RIP, better quality and saves ink. Why spend time tweaking this and that, for what?

And after spending 20.000 on a printer and x amount of 1000īs on pretreatment equipment, you might as well just spend the extra 1000$ aswell because its worth it for sure.

Im using cadlink digital factory, great stuff!
Cannot find better description than this. Why not using RIPs?
While all are free to test?
Keep puring water into holed bucket?
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