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Smile Re: Looking to purchase Brother GT541 Need Input

We just got back from the ISS show in Fort Worth. We went with the intention of buying a dtg that prints on darks, but we hit a few different walls. First, I requested samples form a dtg company (I won't post any names as I am not here to BASH anyone!) to do a wash test. After 4 washes, i had peeling ink!!!!! So when we called the sales guy for the company, he said he would send us out more samples, and that maybe the ones we received were not heat pressed long enough or something ( ), go figure!!! Well, we never received any new samples, and while at the show, after KNOWING we were going to make a decision that weekend, we were basically ignored by this company.. ALL 3 DAYS!! My husband hates bad service, so that spoke mountains to us. Now Brother on the other hand, they were absolutely incredible!! We went with a jump drive that had some of our designs on it, and Brother was the only one, of everyone we asked, who would print our designs right there for us!!!!! They popped in the jumpdrive, centered it, showed me how to load the shirt, and BOOM! An awesome shirt right before our eyes! The original company we were going to buy from, their machine kept breakiing down, another company said they could not load our file from the jumpdrive (hmmm, Brother could) and another company said we would have to drive to their office in Dallas if we wanted it done (no thanks). Brother printed on a pink t and a light blue t for us and they both look outstanding. Now before you count brother out, find someone with a brother (check with me in a month or so if you want) and give them a few different color t's you think you would use often, have them print a Pantone (I think that is what it is called, never heard of it until this weekend) color chart on the colored shirts and you can see exactly what you will get when you print on that color tee. In fact, I bet Brother would do it for you! That is the first thing we will be doing and seeing how dark we can go. We have a design my hubby wanted to do on a royal blue shirt but the yellow would not have shown up, we talked to a guy named Hans with Brother (LOVE HIM!!!) and he gave a simple suggestion of a blue ringer (doh!). Our problem solved. Unless we are buying a Kornit, we are not going to sweat the dark garment thing. If we get an order and they want darker then we can handle, we will contract it out and still make money. Weigh the cost of the pretreating time and white ink cost with the cost of contract dtg before you buy. For us, it is worth it to not have to go through the hassle of having a seperate area to pretreat, buying more supplies, pretreating a bunch of shirts and the possibility of the ink peeling since the sales guys couldn't even get it right!! I also like the idea that Brother has cartridges and not tubes. One shirt sample we got at the show for a wash test had hideous banding on it. I was like, uhhhhhh, what is this? And they said the shirt had been done first thing and there was air in the tubes so that happened. I saw dollar signs cracking in my head. Oh, and with Brother, you can print quite AWEOMELY on denim jeans! So again, you may not be able to print on black with a Brother, but from what the other dtg guys showed me themselves at this show, BROTHER ROCKS!!! So there is my excitement, I am off to the grocery store.. Have a blessed day!