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Default Re: Any one have a GT-541 Brother printer???

We have run 2 Brothers for a total around 4 years now. I can honestly say, it is a friggin' rock. The first one was a Beta that just didn't quit. I couldn't believe how well built it was. The production model, the GT is roughly the same. The biggest thing they changed was the cover. But, them testing allowed them to find some fairly big problems with the printer before it hit the market.

We were fortunate enough to hae the fine folks at Brother value our opinion enough to have us test the printer 2 years before it hit the market. We were second in the country for number of prints when the Beta program ended.

Not bad for a little company out of Marietta, GA.

As far as white ink goes, it's not ready for prime time. Kornit is the closest, but for that price, I would expect a smaller learning curve and better production. I don't lose any orders because I can't print white ink. I just work around it.
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