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Default Re: AnaJet DTG Printer

my suspicion is that you might not have enought pretreatment on the shirt. when using a sprayer for the anajet pretreatment solution (this is what i'm doing), i noticed that the sprayer creates an ultra fine mist and is actually not laying down as much pretreatment as you might think. the sprayer creates a very thick "fog" of pretreat/water. because it's a mist of liquid, you need to apply it for quite awhile. the bad news is that it takes just a little bit longer to perform the operation. the good news is that very fine misting is what prevents a pretreatment stain on your shirt when you're finished printing.

my suggestion is that you apply the pretreatment for a longer period of time. touch it with your fingers. the shirt should feel damp and also a bit sticky.

your problem sounds like the same one i experienced when i first tried printing. i was frustrated until i realized it was the sprayer causing the problems, not the chemicals or the printer.

this is just my $0.02...please don't blame me if there's another shirt on the trash heap with my name on it i'm just trying to help...LOL