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Default Re: Any one have a GT-541 Brother printer???

The machine you buy should be based on your business model and what you can afford. It sounds like printing on darks is a big part of your model. If so, get the machine that helps you serve the market you are targeting. Especially if you can cut your investment by $3000. Seems like a no brainer to me!!
Robin and I decided that darks weren't going to be a big part of our market. We can always use cut vinyl or transfers for darks. So we really haven't lost any portion of the market. We just use different technology to give them what they want.
After reading the posts here and on other forums we decided that the technology for printing white isn't where it needs to be for us to become involved in it. Too many steps, too slow, big learning curve and too many problems.
Good luck, makes lots of money AND have fun!!!