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Default Re: Any one have a GT-541 Brother printer???

Robin there is no dout in my mind that the Brother is best machine for doing no white ink prints. There is absolutly no one who has a bad thing to say about the GT in any of these fourms.

I just can't stand the fact that I won't be able to print to any shirt I want.

plus right now I can get the HM1 with inks and a heat press. shipped and a 2 day installer will come to my shop all for $18,320.

I will have $19,995 plus a heat press and shipping on the brother.

I know that is only $3,000 more but it is more money and gives me less options to offer customers. You see what I am feeling here I almost just want to drop the whole Idea of a garmet printer but If I don't get it rolling now with my existing incresing business that has a captive audience now, I feel I will miss out. as someone else will come in and put the whole market down.

The first customer that I could have had was a existing one he wants red shirts with a yellow Blue and black logo on it. Now I'm not sure but the brother could not do that right? would I have to lay a base on red t-shirt.

This is what I am afraid of he laughed at me when I suggested white shirts and I told him I was going to get this 20k printer but would not be able to do those on red. He told me Jeremy you know better than that Don't buy a machine that has limitations like that. so I would have lost the first customer I could have had.

I just don't know what to think anymore. I will try to make a new post of the design that I sent my brother dealer and he is making me a sample. I love a lot of Airbrush like effects and photos in my projects with no limits.

Starting as a Airbrush artist I have translated this art to digital and Kustom Koncepts has blown up in the race industry i want a printer who will take me to the next level. Thank you Robin your alway a great help and don't get it twisted I LOVE the GT but just feel limited and a little more money.

I feel that I can get a HM1 for universal works and wait 3 or 5 years and Brother will have the white perfected heck If I had the money and work flow I'd have the GT doing white Production and HM1 one offs. I also want to take the machine to 2 day indoor car shows in the area and possible in a trailer to the race track. I hear the GT is hard to move and voids the warranty if I do. Not sure on that last one just what I heard. Thank you again Robin.