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Default Re: Does anyone use a flash curer? Help pls!

Originally Posted by FTWear
Hey all =)

I was just wondering if anyone else uses a flash curer to cure their shirts? I use one and usually have it about 5inches (12cm) above the tshirt I'm curing for around 1min20secs at 180degrees Celcius.

Thanks a lot! Annie
If I have to print just a dozen shirts I'll use the flash Dryer to cure them instead of fireing up the conveyer....
Cant emphisize it enough what DTG said...Once it reaches curing temp its cured weither 10 seconds or 10 days..... But I've never printed with anything but plastisol inks....you didn't say weither these samples were plastisol or not...I ask becasue 3 minutes sounds a bit insane if its plastisol.... Another thing to look out for is if its a large print you need to make sure the outside edges have reached cure temp too.... most Flash Dryers run 16 to 18 inches square and depending on what you have there can be quite a difference between the center and the outside edges..... I use a laser temp gun to keep an eye on them when using the flash dryer to cure....and it has worked out just fine..