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Default Re: Screen printing 2 colors not sharp

Originally Posted by sben763
What inks. Did you stir them well. Navy can tend to be thick in some ink brands like the white but the deposit won't be as thick as the white. If I where printing this since your not underbaseing the navy I would print the navy first then the white. Since your navy is a fill your having to try and push it in the white. You will get a better result printing the white last.
The white and black plastisol is from screenprintingandsignsupplies (came in the press kit that I bought) and the blue I bought from catspit. Catspit didn't sell navy so I mixed the blue from them with a little of the black until I got the color I wanted and then my husband and I both stirred it for about 15 minutes to make sure it was thoroughly mixed. I hope it's ok to mix plastisol to get the color you want. When I try again today, I'll try reversing the print order too. Do you print the navy, then flash, then print the white? I hear people talking about wet on wet but that seems like it would just put the other color all over your screen (unless I'm missing something).