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Default Re: Screen printing 2 colors not sharp

Originally Posted by BRTdesign
how old are your screens if your screens are loose that can be a problem. are pulling and pushing? if you are you will have blurs do to the stencil drag. also do you have good glue on the shirt boards? just some simple things to think about. another is your clamp that holds your screen in is the bolts tight to the screen frame? but if your screens are loose you should pull because of leas stencil drag when you pull.
hope this helps
My screens are new. This was the first time I tried to use them. I was flooding with a pull and pushing hard to lay down the ink. The last person said not to over flood. I'm thinking that was probably the problem because I was flooding so heavily that I couldn't see the design. I didn't realize you could over-flood. Haha...I'm learning!