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Default Re: Screen printing 2 colors not sharp

Originally Posted by 20vK
SOunds like perhaps you are getting too much ink onto the bottom of your screen. This could be down to your flood. Try a lighter flood, with less ink going into the screen.

If your screen edges are sharp on your design, try pushing the ink without a flood. Make sure you clear the screen - you may need some additional downwards pressure. A girl friend of mine had a hard time clearing the screen when she tried.
I should've also said that the edges are sharp on my design and my husband tried too and it actually even looked worse, lol. I did notice that for whatever reason the top lettering looks way worse than the lion in the middle, and the bottom problems seemed to be not enough ink coverage. So it almost looks as if the top is a smeared mess, the middle looks ok, and the bottom doesn't have enough ink coming through. I'm having trouble with this press getting a consistent off contact from the top to the bottom. I tried using quarters on the four corners of the platen to level and set the off contact but when I re-tighten the bolts it changes I think. From the side, I notice a slight slope in the screen from the press to the outside (does that make sense?). The press I bought didn't come with instructions for adjustments so I'm trying to make it right, but that's a struggle as well.