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Default Re: Is the Epson SureColor DTG printing at SGIA? Any photos/videos?

Originally Posted by valleyboy_1
Harry, let's not sit here and act like that there's no such thing as running a business part time while working a full time job. There are plenty of people doing it. I know people with fully automatic screen printing equipment that they use part time while working. You act as if the DTG machines are not being used full time, then it's a HOBBY. Let's not discourage people with false information. I have the epson Wf 7010 with an attached CIS system and I do not print on it everyday. But when it's time to print on inkjet paper for lights and dark garments, it works every time. We know maintenance will be a key with any equipment, but let's stop it with the HOBBY comments because DTG equipment can be utilize on a part time basis as well. Besides, I don't think anyone in there right mind would consider a 20k investment for Hobby purposes.
Lol, glad we never stand opposite yet. I hope it will never come.
Interesting, Harry position him in defense mode very quick. I read what you read.
Epson claims.
1. You do not need to use everyday and do not need daily or weekly maintenance. Machine will tell you when.
2. Anything goes wrong replace all. Include Printhead.($400-500) during warranty time. 1yr.
3. All services will be done in 24hours.
4. No training necessary, plug and go unless Buyer want to.
Etc. is this too good to be true? These are what I heard. I never BS any.
So can I mark you as my 2nd Sold after Chad? Lol. Jk.
Cheers! Beers are on me always.
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