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Default Digital Transfer Overlays

Your experience with Spreadshirt?????

I have a shop where I have uploaded designs in the .Png file format.
These designs were created in photo shop. Anyways, I've uploaded one design and put it on any color shirt that I want to and it appears beautifully in my shop without any white square background around the image. I followed the same design process in photo shop and uploaded several more. This is where I ran into the problem. Now every image that I upload has a white background around it when on a non-white shirt. I know they will trim away the white or i can put R(color) on the design and they will trim away the color.
I contacted the design team to inquire what I was doing wrong and was told that the system does not accept transparencies and was told they would trim away the white or to do the R(color) thing.

I informed the design team that I already have one design that shows up great in my shop on all color garments without the white background. I asked if that was an anomaly? I was told yes it was an anomaly and I'd have to remove it and re-upload it in order to be able to use it and purchase items.

I looked around and I could not find a single shop that had images with white backgrounds around their images. I guess these could have all been vectors but I doubt it? I cant make my image designs vectors because of the color limit.
I also do not believe I'll be able to sell many shirts if they all have that white square background around them when viewed in the shop because people will assume that the shirts will all have that white background.

What has been your experience and how did you handle it.
I welcome all comments

Thanks in advance......