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Default Re: Looking for DTG Printer for $ 10K and below

Go to the show or not, just tell them (SWF Mesa) that you went to the show and get the show price. The rack price is never paid, it is all negotiated. We paid 10,995 for the kiosk with a bunch of extras. If you want it for less, ask to have the extras taken off.

Amy over at SWF in Anaheim is ok to deal with. I don't know how much she can negotiate but she is paid on commission.

Let's say you pay 11K. If you sell just white shirts for an average net of $8 then you pay for the printer in about 1400 prints. If you sell for retail then then you will make $12-$15 each or more and pay for it in 600-700 prints or less.

You are looking at 50-100 hours of machine time at these figures, not too bad a return.

White ink prints will cost you more, around $5 a shirt or so for ink, plus pretreatment, plus more time.

The results of a good DTG print are stunning. They are nothing like any other printing method and can command a higher price.

Take a search for Justin Walker and Printchic. They have done some good things with dtg printing.

Also, printing on t-shirts is profitable, but there are other things you can print on to make money and profit from. Consider canvas, tile, wood, and other types of high value items that cannot be had anywhere else with making a single print. Would you sell a canvas print that cost $25 in materials for $200? I sure as hell would.

Anyway, take a look around, there is always new stuff at the shows. Take your artwork in and print out those. Take them home and evaluate your options. Good luck.